Welcome to the website of the Swiss Music Edition. Here you will find all the necessary information about the club and the distribution of scores in the database musinfo.

About SME

The Swiss Music Edition (SME) promotes the contemporary Swiss music. We distribute scores of Swiss composers and play an important role in the worldwide communication between artists and organizers. The scores can be purchased in printed form or as PDF. You can order on musinfo.ch or by e-mail.

Postfach 7851
CH-6000 Luzern 7
E-Mail: info@musinfo.ch


Roman Brotbeck, president

Victor Coltea
Thomas Gartmann
Javier Hagen
Peter Mutter
Mathias Steinauer

Mauro Ursprung, secretary

Distribution of scores

The Swiss music edition distributes the scores of the active members within the database musinfo. You can find the database at http://www.musinfo.ch. There you will also find the general terms and conditions for the sale of scores.

Look for scores here!


Would you like to sell your scores via the SME? If yes, please send us a detailed application and 3-5 examples of your work by e-mail (info@musinfo.ch). A membership of the SME costs 100 CHF a year and covers the sales and distribution costs as well as the publication in our Database Musinfo.